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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


An aurora is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth's magnetic field. An aurora is usually observed at night and typically occurs in the ionosphere. It is also referred to as a polar aurora or, collectively, as polar lights.

These phenomena are commonly visible between 60 and 72 degrees north and south latitudes, which place them in a ring just within the Arctic and Antarctic polar circles.[citation needed] Auroras do occur deeper inside the polar regions, but these are infrequent and often invisible to the naked eye.

However, this celestial event beyond our ability to create, to produce human beings, so majestic art exhibition because of its greatness in its deepest sense.
In this poem trying to offer a tribute to our capacity to wonder at an event of this magnitude subliminal.


They call you phenomena, I call you essence.
They define you as luminescence, I call you omnipresence
They have seen you in the north, I see you always in my heart.

Omnipresent lighthouse
sieve that catches only light stars,
only essence.

Eyes that peeks into the abyss
of nocturnal loneliness.
Signal sinless perfection.

Daughter of the solar wind that poses,
with its orbit spirals,
in the quiet atmosphere of the night,
and touch the sensitive alone time.

Aurora borealis is your name,
I call you faith, love,
Perfection, caress.

Debrah Riddleton


  1. I've never been privileged to actually witness an aurora borealis, but I have seen them many times on the tv. They are indeed spectacular and you have captured the vision beautifully with this poem.

  2. Hi, Debrah!
    It's a pleasure be your follower. This majestic poem is a little bit of your heart. It represents your high capacity for painting life in true colors.
    Keep your force! Keep your fellings!

  3. As always: Your poem is deep and sensible. The humanity has found the precise words to say what needs to say.

  4. Dear Andy:
    I greatly appreciate your kindness and beautiful words. I visited your blog and I realized that we agree on many points of view.
    Thank you for your friendship:

  5. My dear Senad R:
    As always, your support is a great impulse for fortifying my soul.
    Let me tell you I am working about my petition. I hope publish it soon.

  6. Dear Philip:
    Of course, with people like you, "I keep my force! I keep my feelings!"
    Thanks a lot:

  7. Debrah,

    I love the idea of being caught in the middle of this wonderful phenomenon. Such beauty within your words.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  8. Dear Eileen:
    It is a delicious way to feel in the right dimension of our stature. The events of this magnitude we must put in proper perspective, renewed, eager to never forget our inevitable mortality.

  9. Glad you back!
    Hope everything is good!