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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Photo by Leovi
What is life? What is this secrecy that catchs humanity? What is the shackle that binds us to this thread of life cut off by death?
Through understanding the many life forms designed by the Lord, a sense of majesty permeated my senses. How can exists life five thousand miles under the sea, without light, without apparent sense?
The marvel of the struggle to survive in such extreme conditions has allowed me to also marvel of man's struggle for survival itself.
The different societies trying to find a way to understand their purpose and be on earth, but their actions indicate the opposite.
Then binds me to try to understand the ways and byways of the tireless struggle and the scandalous failure of attempts for success.

This poem aims to lift a superlative man's life, giving it a sense of community and love all those who respect and love their temporary stay in this world.
Rivers of Life is a phrase that attempts, in my personal perspective, offering a more comprehensive term, richer in substance and deeper into their ideological concept.


Life is a stopped moment by a light when
You were born, and a silence into oblivion ...

I've seen rivers of life
spilled red by fire,
running in channels where once there were flowers
and trees filled with thousand nests.

I've seen rivers of life
where hope is born among horses
pulled by a dream, a land
that begs a seed, a tongue
licking the moist wind of fear.

I've seen choppy waters burst
into the hard cliff of destiny.

I've seen rivers of life
in the silent wall where the stones,
sigh and reflected the desire
silenced by the extermination.

I've seen rivers of life
In every voice, every poem, every verse
constructed from the clutches of silence
of those who have nothing, only ice
on the concave side of the reverse.

I've seen the gray froth of their wings
intermittent crashing to the ground.

I've seen rivers of life
there, where he was born a new man
a new attempt, an audacious sun
fighting for no to be coal in its own fire.

Debrah Riddleton