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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


ventana murano

Is it possible to exchange words with bricks? Is it possible to imagine a world without walls, with only windows?
The obstinate man's vision to build spaces for human activities, causing an inordinate ambition and tenacity to raze the green of nature and replace it with buildings as solid as rock, is an old history.
I believe that human life should flow like blood in our veins, like the wind in the mountains, as the free flight of the birds.
At least I try it! The worst that can happen is to sleep one night outside, but dreaming of a freer world.


Never walls, windows always!
Do not try saving shadows if you can save suns.
If space is an abstract space,
and man is consequence of himself,
it is like dividing world
in a broken puzzle of thousand pieces.

Never walls, windows always!
Every brick is like a chain
tying hands and pushing minds
to an disordered chaos
... and unpredictable sound of the silence.

Never walls, windows always!
All you need is writing poems
instead of building bridges.

Debrah Riddleton