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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Recently, National Geographic publishes a great photograph: A volcano in activity of eruption.
Immediately, a great sensation invades me by entire. The Nature has diverse ways for showing us its power, this through magnificent manifestations.
Whatever, this time my heart conducts me to believe that power of time is only one thing: The life is an image it´s coming of one past, unique and intransmutable.
I believe in the strength of that voice enclosed in the earth, like an advertence, like an hymn, like a song awakening in dawn.


In the roar of your stones on fire
lies a cry that looked at the moons of the arcane
caught voice of a warrior who passes
as a traveler in a time that has never forgotten.

The fury of fire vents painted red
It makes us vibrate in unison with the wind
that brings your golden plumage
waking up to birds, rivers, skies,
painting the horizon of the future
recalling that we are only,
new sandstones of ashes of the past.

Debrah Riddleton