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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There is a phrase that enclose a great wisdom: “The life is itself, an opportunity that reborn day by day”

When the man irrupts in face of earth, the nature has evolved millions of years. Then, the drastic changes through the time had chance to fail and try with another perspective.
The flora, the fauna, the materials and their composition, were in constant evolution until the moment in which, the intelligence of man, appear under the sun.

Nevertheless, the panorama looks devastating. Science evolves into two opposite directions. The first, which aims to improve the life of man, but not the quality. The second, generating their own self-destruction.

It seems inevitable that every great discovery or invention follow a massive and brutal deterioration of the environment, including the health of humanity, calling it simply collateral damage.

This poem is intended to dignify the wonderful essence of a new day, which in its nuances of drama and natural beauty, holds a hope finding out a new and accurate vision of the role of man on earth.


Brilliant morning,
You unfold on transparent canvas,
shed in drops of dew,
perhaps to remind us that the water
It godsend.
Seven colors dye the lanes,
waterfalls, whole horizons.
Birds mimic your sublime charm
flying with majestic plumage.

Splendid morning,
ode to the hope of man
to awaken their new intentions.
Maybe never learn to discover your charm,
maybe never even be able to interpret
the wonderful sense of your sparkle,
but at least, fights against ignorance
in renewed attempts to change its destiny.

Debrah Riddleton


  1. Debrah,
    Brilliant Morning, is just that. Simply a brilliant poem, which radiates alll that is wonderful on this earth and all that we should, as a world, be united in fighting to protect.
    In your words Debrah, we must fight against self-destruction and ignornace.
    A very worthy piece of writing.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. What color!! I love this one, Debrah. It shimmers and shines on the page. Thank you for sharing.


  3. The color scale in this poem is just splendid for the imagination. Wonderful poem adn writing I am glad I stopped by. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear Eileen:
    Your words always shake me. You have the gift to move me toward new vision of life.
    You know how much I admire you, and this one is a demonstration of your deep sensibility. In effect, the earth needs a new friend every day. I need you too.
    Warm greetings:

  5. Dear Marion:
    Never miss the joy that you impose on your words. Infects me, I encourage it, I get excited.
    Thanks for taking the time to me.

  6. Poets United:
    I am greatly excited about your visit. In the second stage of my life, I became committed to promoting spiritual consciousness about nature. I am convinced that if we add major individual trengthening, we can form a large international community better understand the role of man against nature.
    Thanks for your words:

  7. Wonderful poem. I am agree with your point of view. The man needs more consciousness about the earth deterioration. Your words move me and make me reflect about my own paper.

  8. I feel proud about this poem. It reflects a lot of feelings I have in my heart.

  9. Diane and Melanie:
    I appreciate your kind words. I will work with intensity thanks people like you.

  10. Maravilloso trabajo:
    Te he seguido con detenimiento. Admiro tu esfuerzo y dedicación hacia la Naturaleza y su manifestación divina.
    Mereces gran reconocimiento y propagación de tu obra.
    Dios te bendiga:

  11. Extraordinary poem. As always, You find the correct words to emphasize the highlights of Nature.

  12. Clarice and Antonio:
    Thanks a lot. Your words impulse me and tell me the way is correct.

  13. Excellent! This ode to hope is marvellous and brilliant.

  14. Muy apreciable Debrah:
    Realmente gocé este maravilloso poema. En México tenemos un dicho que dice "Cada mañana es una nueva oportunidad de volver a comenzar"
    Felicidades por tan profunda sensibilidad.

  15. Great imagery with the photo and the poetry, Debrah!!! Have you ever thought of writing a vivid pre-historic fiction? You would have such a beautiful voice for that.

    Hugs, JJ

  16. Beloved Nancy:
    Your words have a mystical effect in my mind. In fact, I never thought about it.
    I am going to dream with that.
    Thank you very much: