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Monday, November 22, 2010


 Exploring in the network, I found this gorgeous poem dedicated to the Desert of the Sahara. Its poetic composition, as well as their phrases threaded with gentleness and deep love by the nature, gave like result this poetic piece of very high level. The scientists have settled down the theory that desert saying sometimes was sea, because advanced studies using end technology, demonstrated that under their withered face covered with sand, still great deposits of the vital liquid exist. Thanks to ArthArt, that authorized the publication of its shining work. For us, it is the task of interpreter, of including/understanding and of doing ours the preoccupation of the deterioration that the man carries out on the Earth face, although in this case, it was the own nature the one that decided to carry out its assignment.

To the desert of the Sahara, that sometimes was sea on the Earth.
Dryness. Broken stone. The water moved away to skies
in ignominious flight. No longer it cries, only moans sand tears.
The before green thing burned crisp in bonfires,
today pothooks, once poetry.
Their delicate birds forgot the footpath
to look for the life in others homes.
Their high mountains were diluted in sun rivers,
resembling tombs set afire by the fire.
Nevertheless, its new beauty surprises to me
when its mystical gaseous atmosphere
it seduces to me in so gentile caress,
and the infinite horizon fills of my silhouette that is extended.
I feel like then part of him, of its misfortune
turned into wise clothes.
There are no scars in its soul,
nor tracks that to follow on its sand.

ArthArt (Pseudonym)


  1. Dear Debrah: This is a very beautiful poem. I wish lock in this second opportunity. Everybody needs a brief review of these themes.

  2. Betty Siemens (Los Ángeles)November 22, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    It is a pleasure to read so deep poem. I consider that it keeps the balance from the sobriety, the depth and eloquence.

  3. I knew you in New York in the presentation of a book of William Adamas. It is pleasant to me to return to read you.

  4. I am happy with this poem. Thanks to ArthArt for thinking in nature and the earth.

  5. Lulú and Betty:
    I apreciate your sweet words: